Oil & Gas Royalties

For over 60 years the Phillips Energy, Inc. has acquired royalties of most nature, including but not limited to, non-participating royalties, minerals with executive rights, and perpetual or term overriding royalties. Many purchases were made as non-producing and have since proven productive. The royalty portfolio is approximately 75% oil and 25% gas producing assets.

As a result of new technology and recently discovered drilling depths or zones, many of the original producing royalty interests are still producing today. Within the last ten years, Phillips Energy has begun to refocus on investing in new royalty deals. The Company now has representation in over 30 states including many of the major producing United States shale plays, such as Permian, Woodford, Eagleford, Bakken, Atoka, Bone Springs, and Haynesville-Bossier. Through strategic partnerships and internally sourced opportunities, the royalty portfolio continues to grow.